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“We are always happy to speak with you about SHEN, answer your questions, schedule an appointment, and provide you more information about SHEN and upcoming SHEN Emotional Empowerment Workshops. The contacts, links and articles below should provide most of what you might need. If not, feel free to call me.”

 Like to have more information? Please contact:
xxx Russell Fox, CST, CSI
xxxxxxx Certified SHEN Therapist & Instructor
xxxxxxx Director of The SHEN Center of Sedona, Arizona
xxxxxxx Regional Workshop Coordinator for The SHEN Therapy Institute
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Phone: (928) 554-5431
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • E-mail:

•  For assistance locating a SHEN practitioner outside the Sedona, Arizona area,
xxxxxxx use this link:
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx  Find a SHEN Practitioner

•  For a current listing of SHEN Emotional Empowerment
xxxxxxx Workshops scheduled in North America and beyond,
xxxxxxx use this link:
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx SHEN Therapy Workshops

•  For information specific to required training leading to
xxxxxxx Certification as a SHEN Therapist, please contact:
xxxxxxx The SHEN Therapy Institute
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Phone: (415) 332-2593
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Website:
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • E-mail:

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• For additional Articles, Personal Accounts, and specific conditions
xxxx  xwhere SHEN can help, please use the following link for the
xxxxxx    x International SHEN Therapy Association website:
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx   

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xxxxxxx Newsletter for the Worldwide SHEN Community
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Archive of Recent Issues & Articles
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xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Regional Contacts: North America

Pacific Northwest, Intermountain & Southwest –
xxxxxxx Sedona, AZ – Russell Fox, CST, CSI
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Phone: (928) 554-5431
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • E-mail:

xxxxxxx Vancouver, WA – Ayleyaell Kinder, CST
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Phone: (619) 584-1077
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • E-mail:

Northern & Central California –
Contact: Richard Pavek, CST, CSI
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Phone: (415) 332-2593
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • E-mail:

Canada (Calgary, Alberta) –
xxxxxxx Contact: Vanecea Greene, CST, CSI
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Phone: (403) 282-7888
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • E-mail:

Atlantic Coast / Mid-West –
xxxxxxx Contact: Laurie Hoover, CST, CSI
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • Phone: (207) 326-0565
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx • E-mail:

International Contacts: Europe, Asia, Africa

For assistance locating a Certified SHEN Therapist outside North America,
xxxxxxx use this link:
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx SHEN: World Contact List