‘Card Testing’ Fraud Alert


A suspicious charge to your bank account? Yes, this was a fraudulent charge. Contact you bank immediately. Have them refund the fraudulent charge, and have them issue you a new card number. 
This is called a ‘card tester’ cyber attack, and we are both victims. The authorities have been notified and they are monitoring it. A computer-driven entity is testing thousands of cards to see which banks pay, and then proceed to take more. They hacked this website’s payment module run by Stripe payment processing. As this site’s creator and administrator I am left out of the loop, so be assured that I have none of your bank information. 
Your bank should be familiar with ‘card testing’ attacks.  Cancel your old card and have your bank issue you a new one. I’m afraid there is nothing more I can do.
Please do not wait to contact your bank,
Very sincerely,
Russ Fox