During a SHEN Session

“In life, no one’s inner path is without twists and challenges. When our pivotal emotional inner hurts are finally allowed to fully surface, the pain dissipates and the path reopens to new vistas of joy, confidence and well-being.”
– Russell Fox

   SHEN Therapy sessions are non-judgmental, non-invasive, safe and empowering. 

   During a SHEN session, you recline fully dressed, on a comfortably padded SHEN ‘cradle’. Your SHEN practitioner gently places his or her hands on or near your clothed body in precise placements as indicated by your specific needs. 

   In essence SHEN works like this: Using the naturally occurring biofield qi (ch’i) between our hands, we first loosen the contractions trapping the painful emotions deep inside the body. We then reposition our hands to lift the emotions to the surface where they can dissipate. This process is repeated as necessary and sets the stage for a sound, positive emotional shift.

   When the pressureless hand placement procedures comprising SHEN are applied to the body, the involuntary contractions (ACPR) that surround sites of either physical or emotional pain are dissolved. Their damaging effects on the local body regions also end as the glands and organs in that region become free to function normally. Dramatic reductions in chronic pain and other primary symptoms often occur quite rapidly. 

You may feel tingles, warmth, or other sensations as you relax, release tensions, and, at times, enter a state similar to deep meditation. Frequently, metaphoric images or forgotten memories of pivotal events from earlier in your life surface and are experienced. 

   You can expect to feel many emotions, some of them not pleasant. However, if a painful emotion such as fear, grief or feelings of inadequacy arise, the emotion peaks and leaves, and in its place something else will come: clarifying personal insights and vitality, a deep inner peace, a sense of inner connectedness, “at oneness,” or an experience that has been described as “as good as the best meditation I’ve ever had.” And you will find yourself once again able to reach long forgotten levels of joy, love, well-being, and confidence.

   While great benefit can occur in a single session, usually a series of highly individualized sessions is needed for a client to release the deeper trapped emotional layers. Once the old painful emotions have been dissipated, the deeper empowering emotions of confidence, joy, and love are freed to establish a robust, resilient emotional core upon which to support one’s life.

   Session Times & Rates: Though SHEN is not a talk-based therapy, the initial intake and first session does include some discussion to help establish your emotional history and your reasons for seeking help. This initial session usually takes about 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are generally 1 hour.

   Rates for SHEN sessions are somewhat specific to the region and its economic conditions. My practice is in Sedona, Arizona where I charge $140 for the initial session, and $125 per session thereafter.

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