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“We are always happy to speak with you about SHEN Therapy, answer your questions, schedule an appointment, and provide you more information about SHEN and upcoming SHEN Emotional Empowerment Workshops. The contacts, links and articles below should provide most of what you might need. If not, feel free to call me.”

Like to have more information? Please contact:
Russell Fox, CST, CSI
Certified SHEN Therapist & Instructor
Director of The SHEN Wellness Center of Sedona, Arizona
Regional Workshop Coordinator for The SHEN Therapy Institute

•  Phone: (928) 554-5431
•  E-mail:

•  To locate a SHEN practitioner outside the Sedona, Arizona area, please scroll down to ‘Regional Contacts‘ (below ‘Articles’).

SHEN Workshop Dates & Locations
•  For Upcoming Workshops in the Western USA – CLICK HERE.
•  For a current listing of SHEN Emotional Empowerment

Workshops scheduled in North America and beyond,
use this link: SHEN Therapy Workshops

•  For information about required training leading to
Certification as a SHEN Therapist, please contact:
The SHEN Therapy Institute
•  Phone: (415) 332-2593
•  Website:
•  E-mail:

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 The Mystery of Emotion
    by Richard R. Pavek, Developer of SHEN Therapy

 •  The Emotional Biofield
    by Richard R. Pavek, Developer of SHEN Therapy

  Auto-Contractile Pain Reflex (ACPR)
    by Richard R. Pavek, Developer of SHEN Therapy

 The Role of Emotions in Your Health & Recovery
    by Russell Fox, Certified SHEN Instructor

 Waiting In The Wings: SHEN Therapy & Our Emotional Drama
    by Russell Fox, Certified SHEN Instructor

•  SHEN: The Red Capsule ~ Approaching SHEN as Personal Daily Practice
    by Russell Fox, Certified SHEN Instructor 

• Off The Wheels: Revisiting the Past Again, and Again, and…
    by Russell Fox, Certified SHEN Instructor

The Emergence of Self – Isn’t It Finally Time?
    An ‘In-House’ Reevaluation
    by Russell Fox, Certified SHEN Instructor

•  For additional articles, personal accounts, and specific conditions where SHEN can help, please use the following link for the International SHEN Therapy Association website:

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Regional Contacts: North America

Pacific Northwest
Contact: Ayleyaell Kinder, CST
~ Vancouver, WA ~

•  Phone: (503) 912-9330

Intermountain & Southwest
 Contact: Russell Fox, CST, CSI
Sedona, AZ ~
•  Phone: (928) 554-5431
•  E-mail:

Northern & Central California
Contact: Richard Pavek, CST, CSI
~ Sausalito, CA ~

•  Phone: (415) 332-2593
•  E-mail:

Contact: Vanecea Greene, CST, CSI
~ Calgary, Alberta ~
•  Phone: (403) 282-7888
•  E-mail:

Atlantic Coast / Mid-West 
Contact: Laurie Hoover, CST, CSI
~ Sedgwick, ME ~
•  Phone: (207) 326-0565
•  E-mail:

 International Contacts 

To locate a Certified SHEN Therapist outside North America, use this link:
SHEN Therapy World Contact List

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