Your Next Steps Into ‘Now’

   The SHEN Wellness Center of Sedona, Arizona
   Russell Fox, Certified SHEN Therapist & Instructor

Welcome!  If you’re looking for mental clarity, emotional re-empowerment and personal integrity – in short, emotional health, discover SHEN® Therapy and your new options for being fully present and available to yourself, and to those you love.

Honestly, now… Are internalized responses to your past and nagging fears about your future keeping you from being fully present and effective now? Is it possible that your bodily ailments could be linked to the internalized emotional pain you continue to carry? Could your emotions be preventing you from moving forward in your relationships, career or spiritual path? Do you habitually overreact saying and doing things you later regret? 

No one doubts the immense power of our emotions. While some emotions enrich our hearts and souls and improve our health, other emotions distress our bodies, inflame our imaginations, sabotage our reason, and negatively affect relationships and everything we do. Clearly, our emotions control our lives.

SHEN Therapy embodies a revolutionary approach to physical, emotional and spiritual health linking a radically new understanding of how emotion actually works and the recently defined physics of the human biofield – the location of emotional experience. A powerful process of emotional change and personal evolution, SHEN Therapy uses our body’s naturally occurring low-level electromagnetic field – the ‘biofield’ to release deeply-held contractions trapping our painful emotions, safely lifting them to the surface where they disperse and leave.

Out of the Past . . .   Into the Present

As painful emotions come to an end, the deeper, naturally empowering emotions of confidence, joy, well-being and love are freed to establish a robust, resilient emotional core upon which to move forward in our lives. Many people observe that their relationships with family, friends and work have improved as their inner emotional conflicts are resolved with SHEN. Others tell of surprisingly rapid recovery from childhood abuse and/or inner grief, fear, shame and hopelessness. Still others report that their negative behavioral patterns ended when their emotional pain cleared with SHEN. Most people find that they have more energy as the weight of their emotional past lifts, while many others simply say that, “SHEN worked when nothing else helped me!”

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