Preparing For Your Remote SHEN Session

Congratulations on your decision to move forward with your SHEN process. Your remote SHEN session will continue to deepen the emotional delayering and re-integration you began during your table session(s).

Just as with your in-person session(s), the experience will focus on what is emotionally “up” for you, continue your progress, and the results will be most evident in the hours and days following your session.

For your ‘Remote’ SHEN session to be as productive as possible, here are a few suggestions for setting up & preparing for our therapeutic time together.

The Video Chat Process
You can easily use either your cell phone, a pad or laptop computer. The goal is to position the device so I can see you, and we can hear each other.
We can use any of the following video chat applications. It’s your choice, but do let me know which of these you prefer:

•  Zoom
•  FaceTime
•  WhatsApp
•  Messenger
•  Standard Text Video

Your SHEN Space
The goal is that you are as comfortable as possible. If reclining on a bed or sofa, please have a pillow under your knees and a pillow under your head. You may also use a recliner as long as the feet are raised, and the back is reclined beyond normal sitting position. 

Your SHEN space needs to be as quiet as possible so you are not disturbed. If there are others in your home or apartment, encourage them to respect you session with their being as silent as they can. You will also need the light dimmed so that no bright light or shifting sun distracts you. Wearing an eye mask is what many clients prefer. 

Your Personal Comfort
As you will remember from your ‘in-person’ sessions…
–  Have a blanket or throw available so you don’t get chilled during your session.
–  Wear comfortably loose clothing, especially a non-binding waistband, and shoes off.

–  Please finish eating two (2) hours prior to your session.
–  Use the restroom immediately before our scheduled time.
–  After our work, remember to drink plenty of water to help the body rehydrate and detox.

As I recommend for all sessions, please pay for your session prior to our scheduled time. This allows you to ‘stay in the field’ when we are finished – relaxed, centered, grounded and reintegrated. The preferred method is either Zelle or PayPal. For either one, search for me using my cell number and name:  (1+) 928-821-5721 –> Russell Fox. 

Now, please decide which video chat platform works best for you, and let me know via standard text at (1+) 928-821-5721. On our scheduled date and time I will initiate our session call

See you then!