Your SHEN Session

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You have made a great decision to pursue SHEN Therapy.  Let’s get started! 

We’ll begin our work with a phone or video conversation.

Your complimentary phone or video interview is to discuss your reasons for seeking SHEN Therapy, to answer your questions and schedule your initial appointment. Please call my voice mail or text me at (928) 821-5721. Leave me your Name, your Cell/Text Phone Number, and the Best Time to reach you. As an alternative, you may send me an email using [email protected] to forward your contact information.

Information & Necessary Forms: Please download these PDFs and fill them out. They will help us both to focus on & plan your initial SHEN sessions

•  Your Emotional History Form & Permissions > Please print & fill out the History Forms to have during our phone interview. Prior to the interview, text or email PDF copies of the completed forms to me at: [email protected].
>> Download the Emotional History & Permissions Forms Here.

SHEN Office Location > Sedona, AZ  All ‘In Person’ SHEN sessions are at:

The SHEN Wellness & Tao Center | Sedona
Located in the Village of Oak Creek
(Just 5 miles South of Sedona)
Call or Text for Specific Location
Text & Voice Mail: +1 (928) 821-5721

Session Fees

•  Your Initial Session includes a discussion of your history and your reasons for seeking SHEN Therapy. So, plan on at least 90 minutes for your first appointment   The standard Initial Session Fee is $150.   If for particular reasons finances are an extreme difficulty, please talk with me about making special ‘Sliding Scale’ payment arrangements.

•  Your Standard Follow-up SHEN Sessions will include a discussion of your progress, so continue to plan on being in session for 60 to 90 minutes. The fee for a standard Follow-up SHEN Session is $120.  Once again, if there are particular reasons for financial concern, please talk with me about special ‘Sliding Scale’ payment arrangements.

Session Payment Link:

Payments for SHEN Sessions are best made prior to your appointment. Pre-paying lets us spend all of our available time on your dynamic inner work. Thank you, so much! For secure SHEN Session payments via PayPal >> Go Here.