What is SHEN Therapy?

 The journey is the destination. Learning how to clear the path is the challenge.                                                                                                                     – Russell Fox 

SHEN Therapy is a breakthrough approach to emotional health, a radically new understanding of how emotion influences the body and the mind. Much more than an emotional triggering technique or a learned repetitive suppression of internalized responses, SHEN is a deep process of personal emotional unfolding, de-layering, growth and empowerment.

SHEN is best known for superb results with any condition where retained traumatic experiences have impacted either psychological or physical functioning.

A thoroughly Western therapy, SHEN uses the body’s own naturally occurring biofield Chi (‘Qi’) energy to relax and release both physical and emotional pain held within the body.

While SHEN Therapy promotes relaxation, relieves acute and chronic pain to varying, often significant degrees, thereby enhancing health and well-being, SHEN is particularly useful for personal insight and growth, and for transforming old physical and emotional wounds into experiential awareness, in other words ‘personal empowerment.’

SHEN has proven to be an effective and predictable therapy, solidly based in physics and physiology, and developed & refined in over 40 years of clinical research and professional application. SHEN Therapy has been thoroughly tested in such clinical settings as the Chronic Pain Unit of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Fort Worth Texas, Dallas Memorial Hospital in Dallas Texas, The Medical College of Wisconsin Mental Health Hospital in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine in Shanghai, China.

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   SHEN Therapy is not medical treatment, psychotherapy or counseling, and is not meant to replace them. SHEN is used to release debilitating internalized emotions from the body, allowing us to feel and be governed by the empowering expansive emotions of confidence, joy, well-being and love.

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If you’ve been living in fear, even when you
know there is nothing to be afraid of,
SHEN is for you.

If you can’t feel love, even
when you want to,
SHEN is for you.

If learning how to get into your anger
hasn’t gotten you out of it,
SHEN is for you.

If you know about the past events in your life
that have
 influenced your current responses,
but you still haven’t
been able to
change to your satisfaction…

SHEN is for you.

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