SHEN Session Payments

We are pleased to use Stripe, the industry leader in international payment processing, as our fully-secure credit/debit card processor.

Thank you for pre-paying for your upcoming SHEN Therapy session. This touch-free payment process will remove one layer of concern from your important therapeutic experience. Whether yours is an ‘in-office’ visit, or a ‘remote’ session via video or phone, pre-paying lets us spend all our available time on your dynamic inner work.

•  Your initial session includes a discussion of your history and your reasons for seeking SHEN Therapy, so plan on at least 90 minutes for your first appointment   The standard Initial Session Fee is $145.  ‘Special Arrangements’ Initial Session Pricing during the COVID-19 pandemic is $120. 

•  Your standard followup SHEN sessions will include discussion of your progress, so continue to plan on being in session for 60 to 90 minutes. The fee for a standard Followup SHEN Session is $120. ‘Special Arrangements’ Followup Session Pricing during the COVID-19 pandemic is $90. If for other reasons finances are an extreme difficulty, please talk with me about making further ‘Special Arrangements.’

The simple & secure Payment Form will ask you to choose the appropriate Session Fee by just clicking its up-front button. The ‘Enter Amount’ field at the top of the form should be left empty, except for ‘Special Arrangements’ or an optional Gratuity.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you!