SHEN’s Beginnings

“The point of SHEN is growth.                                   
               SHEN’s method of growth is to
                    expand the internalized emotional
                         pain to its natural conclusion on
                              the SHEN table, so we can be
                                   rid of it and go on to
                                        better things.”
                                                                   – Richard Pavek

   In the mid-1970’s American scientist Richard R. Pavek, a physicist, engineer and the developer of SHEN Therapy, found himself in a loosely styled workshop on “subtle energies.” What that actually meant, he had no solid idea, but he was willing to find out. At one point, the participants were instructed to “run energy” through a partner to see if they could balance the temperature in different parts of the body.

Pavek did not expect much to happen, but shortly after placing his hands across the abdomen of his assigned partner, he saw her begin to sob, and then noticed her pelvis go into contractions. Pavek relates, “At the same time, my arms and hands got extremely hot as sweat broke out on my forehead and the hair on my arms began to stand up. When the episode ended, the woman said, ‘I feel like I just gave birth to myself.’ Over the next few days of the workshop, it became clear that something about her had changed. An emotional weight seemed to have lifted, and her life had become dramatically different.”

Three conclusions were now obvious to Pavek: First, humans do, indeed, have a naturally occurring field of energy dynamically associated with their emotional perceptions and responses. Second, the emotions held in this field can have dramatic affects on both the body and mind. And third, the proper interaction of two persons’ fields can produce profound therapeutic affects.

Since most of Pavek’s training had been in chemistry, electronics and aeronautics, he viewed the phenomenon as having something to do with the concept of “fields” in physics, rather than anything associated with meta-physics or magic. He decided to follow the principles that apply to all other field systems in physics such as the formative currents of weather systems, water currents and magnetism.

Once SHEN’s hands-on procedures were determined, he began an investigation into the dynamics of emotion. SHEN® Physio-Emotional Release Therapy is the culminating result of his research.

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