The Goal

    “The satisfaction of living each moment free from past hurts and future fears, responding fully to what is actually happening now, and living in personal integrity without the crippling distortions of old emotional filters…”

   “That’s the goal: You, becoming fully available to yourself, and to those you love.”
– Russell Fox

The Goal: The Emergence of Self

The proof of SHEN‘s effectiveness happens after the table work in the wide world of your daily life. One notices that former feelings and patterns of behavior are different. Pain and anxieties that were a constant background may just vanish. Situations and people that used to trigger you no longer do. Old ways of reacting are gone, replaced with new options. One’s life “…just changes.”

People who have received a series of SHEN Therapy sessions report that SHEN either ended or helped greatly with their physio-emotional chronic pain, anxiety, repressed grief, panic attacks, migraines, blocked sexual feelings, depression, spiritual emergence or ‘kundalini awakening,’ eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual and premenstrual distress, and nightmares.

Others report greatly accelerated recovery from injuries or surgeries, as well as from sexual, physical and other abuse. Almost all who have received SHEN report that their lives and relationships have noticeably improved, often in surprising ways.

“It felt wonderful… as if I had rediscovered an essential part of my being.”
– J. A., writer

“My body and emotions were in constant pain the last 2 years from injuries in a car accident. Life was getting harder and harder. I feel it’s been a miracle. I feel like me again.”
– L.H., Reiki Master

“I walked around my whole life being vigilant, fearing someone would hurt me… I don’t have that knot in my stomach any more.”
– J.A., social worker

“…my serious trauma case is very well documented with thorough regular medical monitoring…Yesterday a new set of films was taken showing the tibia to be completely healed and remodeled. I don’t know who was more surprised, the surgeon or myself… Subsequent to receiving SHEN my condition has improved dramatically, objectively, and has surpassed all medical expectations and constitutes a well-documented and remarkable REVERSAL of a thorough and expert prognosis by an orthopedic surgeon who by all accounts is in the top 1% in the nation… I attribute this renewal and the resulting physical healing to SHEN. “
– R.D., doctor (OMD) and martial artist

“I lived with fear my whole life. I didn’t think I was ever going to get out of where I was. It’s a miracle. Fear doesn’t have a hold on me any more. After 56 years, I am finally out of the bunker.”
– E.S., war survivor

“I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I was seven… Last night I slept 7 hours. I’m so thrilled! I have a sense of well-being now. I don’t dread going to bed anymore.”
– J.E., incest survivor

“To sum it up, I am different! I feel more confident, whole… I came here [to a SHEN Emotional Empowerment Workshop] with a little heart, the size of a robin’s heart, constricted by the scars of my childhood. I leave here with a heart… big and strong, the size of an elephant’s heart, beating boldly, and filling me with gratitude…”
– K.B., psychologist

“SHEN has reached to my very core in releasing many old emotions… I feel freer on every level.”
– D. A., writer

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