The Emotional Biofield

by Richard R. Pavek, Developer of SHEN Therapy

All molecules in the body are surrounded by tiny electromagnetic fields. These fields combine into a human biofield that fills and surrounds the body, in the same way the small fields around iron molecules combine to form the larger magnetic field that passes through and around a magnet. The biofield is at the low end (zero frequency or Direct Current end) of the electromagnetic spectrum. The biofield has polarity the same as the polarities in a battery or a metal magnet. Emotions appear to have their origin in the biofield, hence the term “Emotional Biofield.” Beyond that, changes in the biofield cause changes in emotion.

There is consensus among practitioners that the biofield, which permeates the physical body, also extends outward from the body for several inches. Therefore, no real difference is seen between placing the hands directly upon the body (either by direct skin contact or through clothing) or in close proximity to the body. In either case the practitioner’s biofield comes into confluence with the recipient’s biofield. There are, however, advantages and disadvantages between clinical application of the two approaches.

Extension of the external portion of the biofield is variable, being dependent on the person’s emotional state and state of health. The external portion, sometimes called the ‘aura’, is tactilely detectable and is thought to be less dense than the portion permeating the physical body.

The Term ‘Biofield’

A basic necessity of any science is that its terminology be unambiguous; the term energy and its derivatives fail on several counts:

1.  ‘Energy’ is in confusion with previously established meanings of heat energy (caloric, Btu) and of physiological (bodily) energy.

2.  ‘Energy Field’ is meaningless since all fields in physics possess energy.

3.  ‘Subtle Energy’ denies its true potential; when the physics of the biofield are utilized in developing treatments it is not subtle at all.

4.  None of the above terms even remotely suggest what the field is, or what it is involved with.

5.  The continuing popular use of Energy to explain every new therapy whose mechanism of action is unclear or has not yet been explained, has stripped the term of the ability to describe the biofield in any useful way. To rectify the need, The Editorial Review Board of the NIH report, “Alternative Medicine: Expanding Medical Horizons,” (GPO 1992) defined ‘Biofield’ and established it as the proper term; the term was adopted by the OAM and continues as the NIH term of choice.

Biofield Defined:
1.   A fluxive, massless medium with the distinctive property of being bioeffective, or having effect on biological material. The biofield penetrates and extends outward from the physical body a finite distance. The term AURA is commonly used to denote the portion of the biofield that is external to the physical body.

2.   The operative mechanism in healing modalities using proximate touch.

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Note: This material excerpted from the chapter: The Emotional Biofield, in The Text & Training Manual for the SHEN Therapy Personal Empowerment Workshops.